Creating Change, Not Just Companies

Addressing Challenges, Creating Opportunities

How we're Turning your Ideas into Reality

Identifying Ideas

Our goal is to come up with a viable business idea and opportunity space where we help you develop research projects, explore different ideas and prototype concepts.

Creating Teams

Our world-class Talent Acquisition team can help in identifying and searching for Rockstar visionaries that can help you thrive and reach maximum potential, which will be undertaken once the business idea is clearly identified.

Leading Ventures

Our unique approach provides governance consultation, where our team of experts can participate in the management of the companies which gives startups what they call an unfair competitive advantage.

Shared Services

Our in-house services offers startups that may need many services that are either not core to the business – from legal, design or accounting. These shared services format allows for good quality and benefits from economies of scale.

We are dedicated to systematically produce new companies, and help them grow and succeed.​


Our unique approach to venture success.


We use a mix of human-centered design, lean startup, and management consulting tools to come up with business concepts that help increase the potential of the business idea.


Much more than defining good KPIs and validating product-market fit. It involves setting up learning processes, creating a culture, introducing management systems aligned with the business idea goals and vision.


The core idea of the venture builder model is that expertise in the organization will significantly increase the chances of success – a clear business strategy and roadmap of effort are few of the expertise that our team can provide to help prepare the business for expansion.

Seasoned industry experts and consultants

People are the most important element. Smart people can do great things, and building a team is not the esoteric work of destiny and planetary alignment startup literature has often presented, but the result of hard work, lots of empathy and proper testing.

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