Three ways to Stand out Your Skills in Your Resume’

Your Resume’ is one of the most important documents you will pass to your future employer. It is not merely a simple document; it represents who you are and what you have become in your employment through the years. It showcases your skills. Your skills should stand out in your Resume’ so that the hiring […]

How to Connect and Build Rapport to your Colleagues Remotely

In this time of new normal, employees are working remotely. Working from home is challenging since everyone needs to build a rapport with their colleagues remotely. Building a rapport is a way to build a connection. It also means building a relationship with colleagues. This rapport is somewhat deep that it can be considered a […]

How to Crush your First 90 Days at Work

The first three months (90 days) are crucial days to your work. It will also showcase your skills and abilities. It will also show your new boss your value. These are the days where you are in transition by joining a new organization with a new leadership role. To secure your success, you need to […]